Darius Kiani is an independent Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer from Leeds, UK. 


Throughout his career he has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered international Number 1 Hits.

He first entered the world of music through playing clarinet and saxophone, later using his classical and theoretical training to widen his interests to other genres of music and move his main focus to acoustic and electric guitar.

Darius used these skills in both solo and group work as; an artist, a composer, and as a producer. Somewhere along that journey he also found opportunities to learn to play keyboards, ukulele, double bass, drums... or any instrument he could get his hands on!

With a love and passion for all genres of music and with a robust technical theoretical and artistic pool of experience, Darius is particularly skilled at drawing on his broad experience and knowledge to find inspiration from multiple sources and apply it creatively to music production.

This is what makes his work stand out from the crowd.

Darius has been professionally producing music since 2010, his mixes have been given airplay on both BBC (the largest station in the UK) and independent Radio stations. Darius has worked with Grammy winning producers throughout his career.

"I spend a lot of my studio time capturing the best possible sound from instruments and vocals to highlight their sonic qualities. Getting this right is an essential ingredient to a great mix, however equally important is the creative input from the artist. It is extremely important to me that the artists creative intentions are captured in the end production.  The key is always understanding what the artist wants to achieve. With the right ingredients in the recording, the mixing and mastering process runs smoothly. I am always just as excited as the artist is when I hear the final cut. Every piece of work is unique and I eagerly look forward to the next one" - Darius Kiani.

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