Ellen Louise

"Darius is one of the best producers I have ever worked with. He really takes your ideas on board but also gets creative with you which is the main thing I look for in a producer. He gets the balance between clarity and creativity with his work and I was so happy with the final outcome of my album and EP. I have had so many great reviews on my music since it has been released. Darius is very personable and makes you feel at ease during the recording stage. Book him quick as he is a busy guy!"

- Ellen Louise

Horses In Transit

"Working with Darius was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience. He worked with each individual member of the band and got to know us well enough to make each member feel comfortable allowing us to get the best record we could out of the process. During the time recording he was able to offer advise and incite to our record, allowing our record to become a more joint collaborative work which is hard to get with other producers. Whilst mixing the work he kept us up to date with how everything was getting along and gave us plenty revisions of each track so we could give our input on what had been done, allowing the finished product to be something each member of the band and Darius himself could be proud of."

- Horses In Transit


"Working with Darius was a great experience, he was very accommodating and worked closely with us to know exactly what we wanted the track to sound like. He helped make vital decisions in the song which helped it create the shape it now has. Darius created an easy environment to work in that felt comfortable and creative. We were incredibly happy with how everything sounded, including the guitar and drum sounds. The guitar tones were absolutely perfect and the drums were explosive. Without him the track would have never sounded this great!"

- Waterways

Other Clients include 

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