My passion is to help musicians make incredible sounding recordings.
For larger projects (e.g. Recording and Mixing an EP/Album), get in touch for a quote by using the Contact page as larger bookings can sometimes be eligible for discount (all of my services are available to students at a reduced rate).
(Rates can vary depending on project and location)



£150 per track

Studio Recording

£150 per day


£50 per track

Drum Editing

(Comping, Quantization, Noise Gating)

£35 per track

Vocal Editing

(Comping, Quantization, Pitch Correction)

£35 per track

Guitar/Bass Editing

(Comping, Quantization, Reamping)

£35 per track

Extra Information:

1 hour = 60 mins

1 day = 8 hours

Overtime will be charged at an hourly rate of £35 per hour.
All the above rates are for Darius only (not a studio). Should a studio need to be hired for your project, that will need to be covered by the artist and will be mentioned in your quote. However, more often than not, most of your project can be done in Darius' own studio, which can be used at no extra cost.
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